Women’s Yoga

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As women, we have been cast into multiple roles in life; daughter, mother, sister, wife. And those are just roles put on us by others. Needless to say, we have our own ideas of what our roles should be; career woman, trailblazer, perfectionist, sporty, feminine, caregiver….you get the idea.

Whether we are in our 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, those roles and expectations shift and change, along the way making us into the women we become. Very often we are either stuck in the past, thinking of what we could have done better or planning for the future and what we could do with it. Very rarely do we truly live in the present, enjoying the moment and soaking in the simple beauty of who we are.

Granted, as women, there is nothing simple about our bodies and minds. In our goal to meet expectations and obligations, we neglect to listen and look after ourselves in the present and the now. Sometimes, we even outright ignore when our body signals to us that there is something wrong and that it is in need of some TLC. In other words, we simply go through the motions.

Our introduction of the Women’s yoga class is to give you that time to listen to your body and give it that desperately needed TLC. It has been specially designed to focus on all things that makes us women. It’s all about YOU! Each pose works on tackling various common issues that we encounter from the dreaded ‘time-of-month’ discomfort to strengthening our overall digestive system and blood circulation.

It is about giving you time to just BREATHE and be in the moment. This 60 minute class will focus entirely on women’s issues and with regular practice will help to tone the body, ease the pain during those monthly visits and keep your body’s internal systems running smoothly so that you can live your daily life effortlessly.

Book a private class with me, Christine by dropping an email at info@hotyostudio.com 🙂

Acro Yoga Workshop

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Acro Yoga Workshop Kuala Lumpur
Over the Valentine’s weekend, Hot Yo Studio held an intimate Partner Yoga workshop taught by certified AcroYoga instructors Foo and Junko. Unlike the customary silence prescribed in most yoga practice, AcroYoga thrives on clear communication hence, there were sweat, smiles, laughter (and just a few grunts) all around.

Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala LumpurAcro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur
Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur

We understand that it takes a whole lot of trust to let someone else physically move you, let alone fly you in the air! With that in mind, we created a positive, safe and playful environment for AcroYoga that is fit for complete beginners.

Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur

Regardless of your shape, size or experiences, AcroYoga is a partner-based practice that encourages you to take control by letting go. Due to AcroYoga intricacies, it is recommended to practice these acrobatic moves in a class setting with experienced instructors. Beyond teaching you the right techniques, the instructors are there to ensure that you are airborne when you fly and grounded when you land.

Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur

Giving direction to your partner is literally easier said than done when you are flipped upside down. Reason being your UP is their DOWN and your LEFT is their RIGHT. Our participants wound up communicating with their partners compassionately in order to get through the class gingerly 🙂

Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur Acro Yoga Workshop Hot Yo Studio Kuala Lumpur

All in all, a workout that balances strength, flexibility, and laughter was a solid Valentines day at Yo Studio! If AcroYoga tickles your fancy, feel free to email us at info@hotyostudio.com so we can get you up in the air with the expert AcroYogi pair.


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One of the most common question asked by our students is “Why do we practice the same yoga sequence/moves in the 60mins Gro-Pro class?”. It’s an absolute legit question to be asking. In fact, that kind of curiosity is something that we encourage! 🙂 So let’s clear that one out shall we?

Comprehensive Practice
The sequence is assembled to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons, in the order in which they should be stretched

The repetition offers you a clear vantage point from which to watch yourself grow, develop and keep track with your progression

Practicing the same poses repeatedly is a powerful way to keep consistent with your practice, especially in the ever-glowing world

While the practice is challenging and invigorating, there is a balance between working hard and releasing after poses

hot yoga in kuala lumpur hot yo studio

Yo Tips : 5 ways to motivate you to make yoga fun

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Hot Yo Studio Tips 6 Ways To Motivate You To Make Yoga Fun

I know it’s easy to be skeptical with the concept of yoga as it is fairly new to a big group of people. So for the ones that are still 50/50 on whether or not they should try it, how about we try to make YOUR yoga experience an enjoyable one with these scenarios. Hit it!

1) Tag along someone that you know will motivate or push you. This person could be your best friend who’s already on the fitness bandwagon, your partner; so that you can squeeze some quality time together, or it could even your mum!

2) Slowly inserting yoga poses as a pre/post-workout.  If you’re an avid runner, a few minutes of downward dog would be able to loosen out those leg muscles after a 5km run

3) If you know you’re going to be having a heavy dinner/get-together and you don’t want to deplete your energy by the end of the day by doing heavy lifting. (addes bonus : you’ll get a good glow from the hot yoga to last throughout the night. SCORE.)

4) If you’re anticipating for an event and you’re looking to whip yourself into shape. Wedding at the end of the year? College reunion next month? Now seems to be a good time to start taking control.

5) Taking yoga outdoors! Being around nature and feeling the breeze against your face is the quickest mood changer

6) Educating yourself and learning more on hot yoga. You don’t eat your vegg just for the fun of it right? You KNOW it’s good for your body, and that’s why you implement it in your daily meals. So once you know the many benefits of hot yoga, you’ll start to dwell on the long poses a little bit less.

You know what, if these tips STILL doesn’t excite you to do yoga, try attending a hot class. Force yourself to commit by locking in that 60minutes in a heated room with other yogis! Book your slot at info@hotyostudio.com everyday, except Friday.

5 ways to kickstart your morning

hot yo studio, yo tips

hot yo studio yo tips
We’ve made it easy for you to kick start your love affair with yoga by practicing these 5 steps for you to do righttttt after you wake up. Just take 5 minutes (10 max!) out of your morning schedule to calm your mind before the hustle starts 🙂

hot yo studio yo tips childs pose
1) CHILD’S pose (Balasana)
Calms the brain. Stretches the hips, things, ankles, lower back and shoulders.

Key Actions:

  • Sit on heals, Japanese style
  • Stretch fingertips forward
  • Relax forehead on to the mat
  • Sit hips deeper on heals
  • And just breathe…

hot yo studio yo tips 5 ways to kickstart your morning cat cow pose
2) CAT/COW pose (Marjaryasana / Bitilasana)
Warms up the spine, shoulders, neck and stomach.

Key actions: 

  • Place hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips
  • Tops of the feet placed onto the mat
  • Inhale: Look up, belly down, tailbone up
  • Exhale: Look down, chin to chest, pull belly toward navel

    hot yo studio yo tips 5 ways to kickstart your morning plank pose
    3) PLANK pose (Dandasana)
    Increase upper body strength by developing arms and shoulder muscles.

    Key actions: 

    • Place hands flat below shoulders, fingers point forward, elbows straight
    • Straightened legs back, feet hip width distance apart, toes tuck under
    • Back straight, hips in line with shoulders and feet
    • Suck navel in and up and tuck tailbone under

    hot yo studio yo tips 5 ways to kickstart your morning side plank
    4) SIDE PLANK pose (Vasishthasana)
    Improve core strength.

    Key actions- right & left side:

  • Rotate hip and torso up to the left, stack shoulders and hips
  • Lower right foot 90 degrees in front of the hips
  • Lift left hip up to the ceiling, straight spine
  • Press left hand down and lift right arm up

Hot yo studio_Kickstartyourmorning_6
5) WIND-REMOVING pose (Pavanamuktasana)
Stretches the back of the hip while compressing the front of the hip. Stimulates large intestine, lymph nodes in spine and pelvis activating the digestive system.

Key actions:

  • Place hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips
  • Tops of the feet placed onto the mat
  • Inhale: Look up, belly down, tailbone up
  • Exhale: Look down, chin to chest, pull belly toward navel

Practise it consistently and you will feel energized, refreshed, and motivated even before you take a shower!!

Contraindications: Please practice special care if you suffer from slipped disc, dislocated shoulder; spinal, hip and wrist issues.

What Is Hot Yoga & It’s Benefits

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What is hot yoga Hot yo studio kuala lumpurWhat is hot yoga?
It’s a series 26-50 yoga poses practiced in a hot room of 35-40 degrees Celcius with approximately 40% humidity. Typically each session will start with the most basic pose and gradually increase in difficulty. The poses build on each other so you will always leave feelings as if you had a workout. Having said that, hot yoga is easy enough for people of all skill levels to pick it up.

2_what is hot yoga_
Five easy benefits of hot yoga :

  • Hot yoga is designed to work out all of your muscles. By all means, you will not build bulk but you will absolutely find yourself with well-toned muscles after a few weeks of hot yoga
  • the heat promotes sweating. As you may already know, sweating is in part a way for the body to purge itself of nasty toxins that keep your body from functioning at an optimal level
  • It is a great workout for your mind. Yoga breathing exercises regulate your parasympathetic nervous systems (PNS, responsible for rest and digest) to help you cope with and respond to daily life activities
  • Due to the activation of PNS, your body is better able to extract nutrients from the food you eat and more effectively eliminate toxins because of the increased blood circulation
  • The contraction and relaxation of the muscles and compression and decompression of the veins produces a pump effect of blood towards the heart. This prevents the deposition of cholesterol thus regulates and maintains the blood pressure.What is hot yoga Hot yo studio kuala lumpur
    How is yoga different to other aerobic activities?
    People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can do yoga and adapt it to suit your individual strength, ability and needs. Yoga is not about striking a jaw-dropping pose nor it is a religion (although it certainly happens). The word yoga itself means ‘to unite’ in Sanskrit so it is fair to say that yoga is a union of the mind, body and soul. In short, yoga is a physical practice to create balance and health within the body, and then maintain it.

    What is hot yoga Hot yo studio kuala lumpur
    Book a hot yoga class at Hot Yo Studio and feel the heat for yourself. Join us on the mat by emailing to info@hotyostudio.com or visit hotyostudio.com. See you 🙂