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How’s your Monday going? We’re sharing the perfect remedy if you’ve got the Monday blues. It’s a playlist that would go on and on (and on) if we let it. When one song is sung by 10 different artists with 10 different renditions, the list is limitless. Hope it’ll get you through the day before the Diwali holiday sets in tomorrow! AND with that note, for those celebrating, Happy Diwali!!

♫ Spotify / Youtube
1. Hotline Bling – Yuna

2. Ain’t No Sunshine – Selah Sue feat. Ronny Mosuse 

3. Fast Car – Sam Smith

4. Warisan – Narmi

5. Halo – Lotte Kestner

6. Chandelier – Kina Grannis

7. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Igor Presnyakov

8. Hideaway – Kiesza



yo music

Hot yo studio Yo Music Rasta Tunes
Our second Yo Music playlist is up just in time before you hit the Friday evening rush hour. With the bad haze that we’re facing the past months, some beach holiday sounds like a goody right now. As much as we want to just drop everything and hop on plane, the best thing RIGTH NOW is to just fool our mind in thinking we’re there by the beach. You gadda do, what you gadda do!


Spotify / Youtube
1. Down On My Knees – Ayo

2. Is This Love(Montmarte Remix) – Bob Marley & The Mailers

3. Lagu – Bedroom Sanctuary

4. Bam Bam – Sister Nancy

5. Love Song – 311

6. I’ll Get Along – Michael Kiwanuka

7. Doo Wop (That Thing) – Lauryn Hill


5 ways to kickstart your morning

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hot yo studio yo tips
We’ve made it easy for you to kick start your love affair with yoga by practicing these 5 steps for you to do righttttt after you wake up. Just take 5 minutes (10 max!) out of your morning schedule to calm your mind before the hustle starts 🙂

hot yo studio yo tips childs pose
1) CHILD’S pose (Balasana)
Calms the brain. Stretches the hips, things, ankles, lower back and shoulders.

Key Actions:

  • Sit on heals, Japanese style
  • Stretch fingertips forward
  • Relax forehead on to the mat
  • Sit hips deeper on heals
  • And just breathe…

hot yo studio yo tips 5 ways to kickstart your morning cat cow pose
2) CAT/COW pose (Marjaryasana / Bitilasana)
Warms up the spine, shoulders, neck and stomach.

Key actions: 

  • Place hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips
  • Tops of the feet placed onto the mat
  • Inhale: Look up, belly down, tailbone up
  • Exhale: Look down, chin to chest, pull belly toward navel

    hot yo studio yo tips 5 ways to kickstart your morning plank pose
    3) PLANK pose (Dandasana)
    Increase upper body strength by developing arms and shoulder muscles.

    Key actions: 

    • Place hands flat below shoulders, fingers point forward, elbows straight
    • Straightened legs back, feet hip width distance apart, toes tuck under
    • Back straight, hips in line with shoulders and feet
    • Suck navel in and up and tuck tailbone under

    hot yo studio yo tips 5 ways to kickstart your morning side plank
    4) SIDE PLANK pose (Vasishthasana)
    Improve core strength.

    Key actions- right & left side:

  • Rotate hip and torso up to the left, stack shoulders and hips
  • Lower right foot 90 degrees in front of the hips
  • Lift left hip up to the ceiling, straight spine
  • Press left hand down and lift right arm up

Hot yo studio_Kickstartyourmorning_6
5) WIND-REMOVING pose (Pavanamuktasana)
Stretches the back of the hip while compressing the front of the hip. Stimulates large intestine, lymph nodes in spine and pelvis activating the digestive system.

Key actions:

  • Place hands underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips
  • Tops of the feet placed onto the mat
  • Inhale: Look up, belly down, tailbone up
  • Exhale: Look down, chin to chest, pull belly toward navel

Practise it consistently and you will feel energized, refreshed, and motivated even before you take a shower!!

Contraindications: Please practice special care if you suffer from slipped disc, dislocated shoulder; spinal, hip and wrist issues.


yo music

Hot yo studio Yo music
So excited to say that it’s Yo Music time! We figured that a chill playlist is pretty acceptable any time of the week. So, we’ll put together weekly playlists and sincerely hope you enjoy listening to them. Simply click on the link above to enjoy on either your trusty Spotify or Youtube. We’ve got you covered both ways 🙂

Spotify / Youtube
1. Slip – Elliot Moss

2. Goodbye Forever – Evenings

3. As You Are – Kimbra

4. The Outer Banks – The Album Leaf

5. Candles – Daughter

6. Lotus Eater – Mura Masa

7. Temporal – Buscabulla

What Is Hot Yoga & It’s Benefits

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What is hot yoga Hot yo studio kuala lumpurWhat is hot yoga?
It’s a series 26-50 yoga poses practiced in a hot room of 35-40 degrees Celcius with approximately 40% humidity. Typically each session will start with the most basic pose and gradually increase in difficulty. The poses build on each other so you will always leave feelings as if you had a workout. Having said that, hot yoga is easy enough for people of all skill levels to pick it up.

2_what is hot yoga_
Five easy benefits of hot yoga :

  • Hot yoga is designed to work out all of your muscles. By all means, you will not build bulk but you will absolutely find yourself with well-toned muscles after a few weeks of hot yoga
  • the heat promotes sweating. As you may already know, sweating is in part a way for the body to purge itself of nasty toxins that keep your body from functioning at an optimal level
  • It is a great workout for your mind. Yoga breathing exercises regulate your parasympathetic nervous systems (PNS, responsible for rest and digest) to help you cope with and respond to daily life activities
  • Due to the activation of PNS, your body is better able to extract nutrients from the food you eat and more effectively eliminate toxins because of the increased blood circulation
  • The contraction and relaxation of the muscles and compression and decompression of the veins produces a pump effect of blood towards the heart. This prevents the deposition of cholesterol thus regulates and maintains the blood pressure.What is hot yoga Hot yo studio kuala lumpur
    How is yoga different to other aerobic activities?
    People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can do yoga and adapt it to suit your individual strength, ability and needs. Yoga is not about striking a jaw-dropping pose nor it is a religion (although it certainly happens). The word yoga itself means ‘to unite’ in Sanskrit so it is fair to say that yoga is a union of the mind, body and soul. In short, yoga is a physical practice to create balance and health within the body, and then maintain it.

    What is hot yoga Hot yo studio kuala lumpur
    Book a hot yoga class at Hot Yo Studio and feel the heat for yourself. Join us on the mat by emailing to info@hotyostudio.com or visit hotyostudio.com. See you 🙂